Composite Doors

'The best attributes of all doors rolled into one' is how the fibreglass door has been described. With its superior aesthetics it is very difficult to distinguish the door from a traditional woodgrain. However, it doesn't come with any of the downsides such as twisting, warping or bowing.

The fibreglass door is also low maintenance, all it needs is an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to keep it looking its best.

The Skin of the door is made from fibreglass which boasts among its uses British army tanks, formula one racing cars and most boats so you can see it's a tried and tested material. The fibreglass is not just on the surface, it runs right through the solid outer face so there's never any painting required.

The doors also have excellent thermal qualities and are up to six times better insulators then their timber equivalents. The core of the door is made of CFC free foam which not only aids insulation but acts as a soundproofing agent.

The other major benefits are the security aspects and for your complete peace of mind the doors have been awarded the police preferred Secured by Design status which means that they meet exacting security standards.

The Fibreglass door combines all the high performance modern materials available in an aesthetically pleasing skin which will give your home the warmth and security it deserves.

Colour Choice
The colour in the fibreglass doors runs right through the skin meaning that the door will not need painting. Infact all that's required is the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth.

The skin creates a highly durable and weather beating finish and the choice of colour is yours from our range of white, green, red or blue all which come with an interior white finish.

Peace of Mind
The Fibreglass doors are all fitted with the latest high security locks which have all been tested to the highest specifications currently available.

The locks have been awarded the Secured by Design, police approved status. THe doors are fitted with a full face multipoint locking system which literally means it locks the door in the frame in several places rather than the traditional single point locks.