REHAU offers it's PVC-U systems in over 150 different colour options through the use of two distinctive systems, Acryl II colour coating and lamination.

Acryl II

The Acryl II colour coating system is the result of a development by our automotive division, which has used a similar system for many years to produce colour matched polymer car bumpers.

It is a two component acrylic coating system, which involves tightly controlled preparation, application of the cross-linking polyurethane acrylic by wet spraying and then air curing. The finish is durable, colour fast and weather resistant. Arcyl II coating does not effect the impact resistance of the PVC-U profile.

There is a choice of over 150 RAL colours and the system allows for optimum versatility and creative use of colour. For example, the frame and sash or the inside and the outside can be finished in two different colours. Alternatively, sills or beading can be finished to contrast with the frames. Due to the flexibility of the system it is suitable for both small and large-scale installations.

Laminate PVC-U

REHAU have a range of standard laminated options. For most systems they are mahogany, golden oak and rosewood on white and mahogany, rosewood and golden oak both sides.

A further range of 7 woodgrain and 10 colour non-standard laminate options are available to special order. Laminate can be applied to inside or outside or both sides of white based profile and to both sides of brown and acorn base profiles. The finish is colourfast, weather resistant and durable. Due to the complexity of the process lamination is best suited to large volume installations in the same colour.

For more details or information about these systems then please contact our sales department.
Colour and Finishes

Acryl II

Acryl II Colour Chart
Laminate PVC-U
Woodgrain effect
Laminated Finishes