At Quality Trade Frames we pride ourselves in having modern plant and machinery with which to manufacture your frame orders. On this page we have some photographs of our modern factory and the processes used to manufacture window and door frames.

All profile is cut, checked and labeled at our computerised Stuga Machining centre. Profile is then loaded into slots on the trolley ready for fabrication.

Our latest acquisition is the new Quad Headed Welder. This highly sophisticated machine which is also fully computer used gives an extremely accurate welded frame, and speeds up the welding process.

This 4 Head Inline Welder is also a new acquisition. used primarily for the welding of larger frames where there is more than one transom or mullion as can be seen from the photograph our computerised corner cleaner can handle large frame formats with ultimate precision. The largest bottleneck in frame manufacture, after welding is at the corner cleaning process and our state of the art Urban Corner Cleaners cope well with this problem.

All benches in our factory have brush strip protection to eliminate as much as possible damage to frames during hardware fixing and beading process.