Fully Reversible Windows

S706 70mm Profile
  • Allows easy manufacture of fully reversible windows in combination with fixed lights, tilt and turn and casement windows from the S706 system

  • Designed to meet all known specifications

  • Possible combinations include: top turn side turn with fixed lights, tilt and turn and casement windows

  • 70mm profile depth matches British architecture and is the ideal replacement for timber sections

  • All external sections have a 50 ° chamfer for optimal aesthetic appearance and to match putty line

  • Integrates with the range of S706 supplementary profiles and sills
  • Available in white, mahogany and rosewood both sides as standard
  • Totally separate reinforcement chambers in profiles enables galvanized steels to be inserted or for additional strength where required
  • Complies with the requirements of the Building Regulations covering Conservation of Fuel & Power - Part L (England & Wales) and Part J (Scotland) when glazed using the correct type of sealed unit

  • Sound insulation is dependent on glazing specification
Fittings and Hardware
  • Accepts a wide range of popular hinge types

  • Cockspur handles, espagnolette or shoot bolt locking options

  • All fittings can be fastened into a metal reinforcement for additional strength/security

  • Manufacturers recommendations on maintenance should be followed
  • 4mm to 42mm double glazing

  • Internally beaded for security and ease of glazing

  • Sloped, semi-sloped or featured co-extruded glazing beads for choice of aesthetics

  • Co-extruded solid and cellular EPDM casement seal for optimum performance

  • Integral head-drip for high performance and improvement aesthetics