Tilt/Turn Windows
Tilt/Turn Windows 60mmTilt/Turn Windows 70mm

S706 60mm Profile
  • Chamfered sash and outer frame provide extremely slim sight-lines and enhanced aesthetic appeal

  • Inward opening for effective fire escape, easy cleaning and where restricted space outside makes outward opening hazardous

  • Full range of supplementary profiles available to suit all installation requirements
  • Available in white, mahogany, rosewood, and golden oak on white, mahogany, rosewood and golden oak both sides as standard.
  • Galvanised steel reinforcement for sashes over 500mm wide by 800mm high
  • Complies with the requirements of the Building Regulations covering Conservation of Fuel & Power - Part L (England & Wales) and Part J (Scotland) when glazed using the correct type of sealed unit

  • Sound insulation is dependent on glazing specification.
Fittings and Hardware
  • 16mm eurogroove ensures maximum choice of standard fittings, some of which include the tilt before turn option as well as restrictors

  • Manufacturers recommendations on maintenance should be followed
  • 6mm to 28mm double glazing

  • Internally glazed

  • Glazing depth can be extended to 42mm for triple glazing using a special bead

  • Silver grey gasket with white profiles and like coloured gasket with mahogany, rosewood and golden oak are less obtrusive

  • Dry glazing with glazing bead and gasket or a co-extruded glazing bead

  • Choice of sloped or sculptured beads

  • Low level glazing option available

  • A security glazing gasket can be used if required